Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Letter Recieved.

" April 3, 2010; Overseas Air Mail

Responses to 'Down the Bunny Hole'

1st Reading--what the hell?
2nd Reading (2 hr. later): This might be serious
3rd Reading (2 days later): This could be a culture thing--similar to jet lag--?
4th Reading (2nd page only): Where can she find meat? Red meat! Will her new 'friends' desert her? Can she overcome the natives?
5th Reading--(preparation of 'bunny' food): My grandma used crisco and bread crumbs--fry, baby fry---
6th Reading--this may be the one thing she remembers about Australia--I wonder if that's why they talk funny--?
Ever read Watership Down? See Alice in Wonderland--preferably after a 'wabbit' dinner--

Love ya--
Grandma "

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